OUR FRAMES | prints on stone

OUR FRAMES | prints on stone


We hand craft our prints on stone with beautiful Australian hardwood frames. We only use the best “fine art” materials with old and new timber from sustainable Australian forests. The prints are of the highest quality using the latest digital printing technology. Our prints are your contemporary and stylish alternative to everyday photo products such as photos on canvas, photos on slate and photos on board.

Each piece of timber has its own grain and character, with nuances that ensure no two of these beautiful handmade frames are the same.

Prints on stone

For a very good reason, we produce our prints differently from others that print directly onto the stone surface with UV inks. The stone surface is not brilliant white, but an off-white colour.

We use a proprietary process, where a brilliant white “fine art” quality media is fused to the surface of the stone via a low heat process. Thus inks are printed onto a brilliant white surface. This allows us to achieve brilliant white, and more vivid, pure colours with better contrast. We also have the ability to print deeper, velvety blacks. In the final process, the prints are given three coats of a fine art matte glaze to help protect the surface.

Timber frames are 30mm deep and 8mm wide, and finished with a special low sheen timber oil incorporating waxes.

Frames include picture wire on the back allowing easy hanging on normal picture hooks.

YOUR IMAGES | prints on stone


your images photo


order and upload image

Your image is not restricted to just photos. It could be a favourite quote, certificate of appreciation, artwork, award plaque and more. Anything in digital format that can be printed. Be careful though, that you are not infringing anyone’s copyright.

Image files should be either .jpg or .psd formats. Contact us first if you have other formats.

Please check your image resolution and satisy yourself that the image will give adequate "sharpness" or clarity. Some photos may be blurry and will get more blurry when enlarged, so enlarge the photo on screen and check that you are satisfied. If you are not sure send the file to us and we will give our opinion prior to ordering. The quality of the image is your decision.


We use the latest digital printing software and hardware. We have calibrated computer screens to ensure that what we see on our screens is as close as possible to what we print.

However, be aware that computer screens display a larger gamut of colours than can be achieved by a printer. For example, your screen might display a bright, almost fluorescent yellow that cannot be achieved by a printer. Computer screens are also backlit, so if you have the brightness turned up high, the print may be darker than what you see on your screen.

But don’t worry. We examine and assess each image individually. If we have doubts about the colour, brightness or quality of your image we will make any obvious adjustments. Or, if still in doubt, we will contact you prior to printing.