Upload your image and choose the quantity of your print and whether you'd like it gift wrapped.


  • Image file should be .jpg or .psd file format and no larger than 10MB
  • A file can be as small as 300kb for smaller frames.
  • If we have any doubts about image quality we will let you know and you can decide before printing or get a refund.
  • Some images may be blurry and will get more blurry when enlarged, so enlarge the image on screen to the size of the frame and check that you are satisfied.
  • If you want us to split images or have other special requirements please contact us.

Please note: we need to overlap and trim your image on the inside of the frame. Up to 3mm on each edge may be lost. If you have an object flush against the edge of the image, up to 3mm of image may be lost.

If you crop your image before uploading, please take this into account and leave your image slightly larger. If in doubt, send us the entire image, some instructions on how you would like it cropped, and we can send you a cropped proof image for approval prior to printing. Just request it in the comments section.

But don't worry, if we have any doubts we will contact you prior to printing.

Small (14 x 30cm) Panorama Frame

Step 1: Upload your image

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Price $75.00 (incl GST)

Step 3: Gift Wrapping

gift wrapping

Why not have your print gift wrapped for that special occasion?

Gift Wrapping: