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Yes, we actually do. We are a group of people from Melbourne who have an interest in photography and crafts. We have studied, and have experience in photo processing, and have an industrial chemist who has extensive experience in printing inks, pigments and dyes.  We have combined our skills to produce these lovely prints on stone and wood.  We have an ideal mix of professional and trade skills that combine with the latest in digital image processing software and printing technology. We only use the best “fine art” materials available. We are sure you will enjoy your print on stone as much as we do making them.

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We take pride in hand crafting our quality stone prints and enjoy sending off a print that the owner will cherish for many years to come. Our motto is “enjoy the memories”, as we do with prints we have hanging in our own homes.

We take time in producing our prints on stone and will assist you in any way we can. If we feel your image is not of sufficient quality we will advise you and assist with choosing something else. We can also assist with photo restoration, scanning and enhancing images. Please contact us regarding any special orders and we will do our best to accommodate your request.